"Jessica gave me the tools to help keep the positivity continuous and the negativity at bay."


I came to Jessica with the need to set new personal and family life goals. I needed to define a new purpose for myself, tailored to the way in which life was unfolding; rather than the way I assumed life would unfold. My partner of 12 years and I had been attempting to embrace the fact that we were unable to naturally reproduce our own biological children. Prior to my first encounter with Jessica, the notion of  a "childfree" family was a struggle for me to accept, and a difficult place move forward from.  

After working with Jessica, the outlook I now possess is one of acceptance and gratitude for the myriad ways in which I am able to give as a "mother" in various roles throughout my life. The insight borne from our coaching awoke in me the realization that being a mother is not about biology. Rather, for me, mothering is the loving, nurturance, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard which I am able to bestow upon others....female or male, child or adult, newfound or lifelong friend. 

Jessica's gentle, yet confident and positive nature supported me in developing a more "present-minded" attitude of thoughtfulness and gratitude, for the blessings and gifts already in my life. At a pace and tone she allowed me to set, Jessica empowered me with tools such as a daily gratitude journal, to help me to reach my goals.  Her empathic demeanor allowed me to confront my former ways of thinking with honesty, gentleness, and non-judgment. She listened keenly and asked me the challenging questions which I needed to confront. 

It was a different type of conversation than I've had with friends or therapists...it wasn't focused on the past....it was focused on laying the foundation for building a bright future my partner and I could look forward to. 

I highly recommend reaching out for Jessica's patient and experienced hand if you are at a transition point in life where you would benefit from support and a structured plan. If you are seeking to restore and/or gain self-confidence, embark on and/or embrace change, and live a life of positive and present mindfulness, Jessica is the coach I would recommend to walk beside you. I am grateful to her for the awareness she has awoken in me, and she will be a part of my life as I continue to evolve and expand as a person. 




Jess is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her services. I am a professional woman who struggles with balance between career and home, but also with not letting other people dictate how I should react or feel.  I was having some issues being able to perform my job as well as I would like, this being due to some personality conflict that I was having. It was not a good time for me as I was feeling very unmotivated and refused to face the real issue and deal with the problem. Over several session Jess was able to coach me into recognizing the true reason I was avoiding the situation and helped me strategize around how I could work with the person and do it well. I appreciate all of the insights Jess guided me to that has made me better able to handle conflict.  If you are looking for a coach that can guide you to a more balanced, better you and are having a hard time deciding whether its worth it, I say GO FOR IT, best time/money you could possibly.

- Treasa

Whenever I got on the coaching call, a million things buzzed through my head. But Jessica was always ready to listen and help me pinpoint exactly what I truly wanted to talk about.  She never pushed: she knew when I was ready to make a leap! I have rarely met someone with as much compassion, fun, and creativity as Jess.

- Anabel Francisco


My session with Jessica came at a pivotal time in my life – I was wayward – I was unemployed and lost.  Jessica gave me the tools to help keep the positivity continuous and the negativity at bay.  Through our session she was very intuitive on my main focus of assistant and I’m still incorporating her mantras in my daily endeavors. I would absolutely recommend Jessica to anyone who has lost their way and wanting to find a path. 

- Anonymous